1Mona Thakre, 2Jihad Inshasi

1Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; 2Rashid Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Covid 19 pandemic came with its own challenges of novelty, lack of information uncertainty of treatment and its effect on chronic autoimmune diseases like Multiple sclerosis. The outcome of covid 19 with immunosuppressive and immunomodulatory treatment in multiple sclerosis was not known till this year. We share our observation of multiple sclerosis patients including neuromyelitis optics who contracted Covid 19 in Dubai UAE, during April 2020 to Sep 2021 in 2 major hospitals treating multiple sclerosis.

Material(s) and Method(s):

All Multiple sclerosis Patients following in Rashid hospital and Alzahra Hospital Neurology apartment who had Covid 19 were included in this observational study.


55 MS patient with Covid 19 ( including 2 NMO) were studied .Age of the patients ranged from 19 to 58years. There were 39 females and 16 males. 43 were RRMS, 6 -SPMS,4- CIS,1- PPMS and 2 NMOSD. 6 were on interferons, 2 on teriflunamide, 8 on dimethylfumarate, 12 on fingolimod, 3 on natalizumab, 1 on alemtuzumab, 1 on rituximab, 9 on cladribine, 12 on ocrelizumab and 1 on azathioprine. 47 had fever, 30 anosmia, 28 had fatigue and 42 had sorethroat and cough, 5/ 55 had pneumonia.39/55 had mild covid, 13/55 had moderate and 3 had severe covid 19. 3 /55 needed ICU. There were 2 deaths, first with MS,EDSS 6.5 on ocrelizumab and second with NMO (EDSS 7.0)on rituximab


The disease course and outcomes were mostly favorable with most patients not requiring hospitalization. A higher EDSS score, progressive disease, use of rituximab, and ocrelizumab(antiCD20 therapy) were associated with the mortality encountered. Age, sex, smoking history, and duration of MS were not independent risk factors for increased severity or adverse COVID-19 disease outcomes